I've signed up for a trial subscription, but haven't received my password.

Please make sure that you check for your password from the same email account that you used for signing up.

In such cases please contact your system administrator and have him/her allow all emails from newstodate.aero.

I forgot my password/My password does not work.

Go to forgot login and follow the instructions.

I've entered my username and password, but still can't get access.

Maybe your trial or regular subscription period has expired. In that case you can book a new period directly from the screen. Your data are still kept on the files of newstodate

I've tried to open a subscription, but nothing happens.

Maybe you have accessed newstodate by the bottom line on the frontpage, comprising the phrase "...click here to subscribe". This only applies to subscription for free daily newstodate headlines.

To subscribe, you must first take out a trial subscription and then go to "my account" to book your regular subscription.

Collective subscriptions

If you are more than three persons in an office who wants to subscribe, please contact us for a discounted offer.

I want to subscribe, but my former period has expired.

Please enter your username and password. Newstodate will tell you that your subscription has expired, but on the screen you can then book either a 6 or a 12 months subscription. Your data are still kept on the files of newstodate.

Do I commit myself by taking out a trial subscription?

By taking out a two-weeks trial subscription you do not in any way commit yourself to future obligations.

At the end of the trial period you will receive an email informing you that your term is running out, and if you do not chose to continue on a regular basis you will receive no further communication.

Why can't I stay logged in?

www.newstodate.aero allows you to select "always logged-in" after entering your username and password for the first time.

This is facilitated by a harmless "cookie". You must therefore allow the "newstodate cookie" to be stored on your pc.

If you install programs, like spyware removers, to automatically cleanse your pc of cookies, you will of course delete the friendly newstodate-cookie as well. And then you will have to enter your password again...and again....

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